Learn more about the OriginTrail Parachain from our Polkadot Decoded presentation

Get ready for the OriginTrail Parachain

The OriginTrail community is about to integrate the OriginTrail Decentralized Network with the Polkadot ecosystem by launching the OriginTrail Parachain, custom tailored for the functionalities of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG).

Bringing "Google for supply chains'' to Polkadot

The multi-chain OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) has been utilized by leading global organizations in production since early 2019. To facilitate the growing demand for the OriginTrail DKG, the OriginTrail community has identified Polkadot as the most advanced and scalable extension to the OriginTrail blockchain layer.

Support the OriginTrail crowdloan and win rewards!

The OriginTrail team is running a crowdloan campaign to launch the OriginTrail Parachain with exciting rewards in TRAC tokens for all participants in the Kusama/Polkadot parachain auction.

Get on board and help bring enterprises to Polkadot!



✔︎  September - Parity Technologies joins Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics Working Group (WG)

    ✔︎  September - Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics WG: Starfleet blockchain RFC released

      ✔︎  November - Trace Labs - OriginTrail core developers - join Substrate Builders Program (SBP)

        ✔︎  December - SBP milestone 1 reached



        ✔︎  January - OriginTrail Substrate-based chain (Starfleet) Alpha

        ✔︎  February - ODN Alpha integration with Starfleet

        ✔︎  March -  Starfleet Beta testnet launched


        ✔︎  May - Presentation at Polkadot Decoded and announcement of OriginTrail Parachain

        ✔︎  May - Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics WG: OriginTrail Parachain RFC released

        ✔︎  June - OriginTrail Parachain Beta testnet launch

        ✔︎  June - Rococo integration 

        ✔︎  June - Launch of OriginTrail Parachain staging testnet

         June - Integrate OriginTrail Warp testnet to OriginTrail Parachain staging testnet

         June - Announcing crowdloan details (Kusama/Polkadot auction timing & reward structure)


          Stress and penetration testing

        ⃞   Testnet crowdloan exercise

        ⃞   Crowdloan phase and auction participation

        ⃞   Win parachain auction, running parachain in production

        ⃞   Integration of OriginTrail DKG with OriginTrail Parachain

        ⃞   Further integrations with Polkadot-based technologies

        What is the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG)?

        The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) combines the power of knowledge graphs and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Through principles of interoperability (utilizing global data standards), interconnectivity (enabling linked data), and integrity (leveraging multiple blockchains) it facilitates trusted knowledge exchange in supply chain networks.

        The OriginTrail DKG has seen major adoption by enterprises such as the British Standards Institution, Swiss Federal Railways, Supplier Compliance Audit Network of major US retailers (SCAN), various European consortia etc. Learn more about the adoption of the OriginTrail DKG on the case studies page.

        What is the OriginTrail Parachain?

        The OriginTrail Parachain is a novel blockchain network that aims to provide a customized environment for the knowledge exchange tools built together with the OriginTrail DKG. This will enable knowledge tools of high performance and usability such as knowledge tokens, wallets, marketplaces, and tenders.

        The OriginTrail Parachain is EVM-compatible, Substrate-based, and developed together with Parity Technologies through their Substrate Builders Program. More information is available in the Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics Working Group RFCs:

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